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Slow Travel, Slow Fashion, Mission Driven

Ethical Fashion

Natural materials are selected for our travel and work bags because of their durability, performance, and beauty. We believe natural fabrics and the highest quality leather will last and age with such unique character. Every Kámen Road leather bag can have a history that can be passed down through the generations.

Photo by Ron Fernandez

Our Process

We are committed to understanding the social, economic, and environmental actions behind our decisions. We listen and learn from leaders who study sustainable design, and artisans who specialize in natural materials and leather making. We debate and discern before we make our final decisions. We ask you to question what it is you want most of all. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about how we work and what we are working to achieve.

Natural Materials

We choose natural fabrics and vegetable tanned leather first. We look at the performance outcomes of our materials and focus exclusively on long lasting ability without plastic-based solutions. We choose natural materials because of how they age and how they last. Natural materials will change as they age. They benefit from product care – conditioning and restoring. We offer repair services as well as restoration referrals.

We want longevity for you and the rich beauty that we feel only natural materials can offer. We have a driving goal to source at least 50% of our materials from the Fibershed in the United States by 2022. We will continue to figure out how to expand our network of small farm producers and artisan makers in the United States.

Photos by Juan Pablo Ramirez

Small Scale

“We are craftspeople, not a factory.”

Our production approach is called artisan and small scale manufacturing. We choose small quantities, so we can closely inspect and continually improve our products. We support the methods of the slow fashion movement. We currently produce our collection in the U.S.

leather worker

Photo by Daniel Ribar

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